3 Quickest Ways to Avoid Buying Health Insurance

It is an old saying ‘Health Is Wealth’. The most important to maintain it is stay healthy but we need some back up plan if you need health care then you need health insurance. Many of us don’t buy health insurance due to various reasons and their mindset. There are few ways you can avoid health insurance.


Health insurance is unavoidable in this world. You need strong ways to avoid health insurance.


1 If you have enough money in the bank

First way to avoid health insurance is to keep enough money in your bank or in your house so that in case of hospitalization you can buy good health care for you and your family. But here is a catch; you have to decide how much cash you should keep to cater to this kind of situation. Once you are ready with the figure then you can keep enough cash and avoid health insurance.

2. Investing Your Health Insurance Premium Amount

Off course investing money is wiser decision but not at the cost of health insurance. By investing premium money you will not be able to create a pool of money which is sufficient to cater to your high cost of health care bills.


 3. Pay Out Of Your Own Pocket

 Buying Health Insurance will give you peace of my mind and strength to get the best of the health care for you and your family. One should not avoid health insurance because it will be useful to not only take care of physical health but also your financial health.


Health insurance should not be taken lightly as being prepared for the worst is always a good option. Investing money somewhere else or dealing with health issues if and when they arrive is not a good option as these things can befall you at the worst possible time. So stay risk free and be insured.

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