Amit Mehta

The purpose of talking a medical or any other general insurance is to safeguard our interest in times of crisis. In today’s market, there are so many agents selling insurance products and there are numerous website selling insurance at throw away prices. But the most important factor is the human element, the person whom we appoint to ensure our safety. We have been using services of Mr. Manish Busa since quite a while and i would like to appreciate the effort he puts on giving the right guidance. Mr. Busa set down with us to understand our requirements and also took into account if the insurance cover was sufficient as per our needs. In one instance, we had planned to take higher value medical insurance cover, but he suggested not to go for it now as it was not required. I have met many insurance agent, but seldom have i come across someone who is genuinely interested to offer you as per my real requirements. I recommend Mr. Busa to one and all.